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Eating Paleo on the trails or on the go is easier than you think!
A Paleo Lifestyle Blog for Outdoor Athletes
Eating Paleo on the trails or in your busy life can be easier than you think!
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The Gluten Free Experience: 
Real Restaurant and Food Reviews You Can Count On

By Prada

If you have transitioned to the Paleo and gluten free lifestyle like me, you may find it difficult to eat out. I have experienced frustration in many restaurants  with what seems like a lack of importance being placed upon my wishes to remain gluten free. This frustration created this column, where I will continue publishing links to my published content regarding personal experiences going gluten free via restaurant reviews. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Check back often.

BJ's Brewhouse: Link Coming Soon

Cracker Barrel: Link Coming Soon

Longhorn Steakhouse: Link Coming 

Red Lobster: Coming soon​

Bonefish Grill: Coming Soon

Steve's Paleo Kits: Coming Soon
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AMRAP Nutrition, for Crossfit Athletes on the Paleo diet!