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Paleo Hiking Food Planner and Recipes
A short three weeks into my paleo lifestyle transition I was faced with a 3-day hike and no idea how in the world to stay paleo (or as close as possible) on the trail. 

Hiking food is traditionally freeze dried or dehydrated, and extremely heavy on many no-no's of paleo (and gluten free) such as rice, legumes, potatoes, pastas, and other grains. These carbs were where I was used to "getting my energy" from for the trail. I was scared and worried about how I would have the energy to hike without this type of food. Imagine my excitement when I realized, only one day into my hike on the new way of eating, that I had more energy, no digestive issues, and slept like a baby at night!

Check here often as I will be updating regularly with new tried-and-true trail food or even ideas for busy on-the-go days.
Don't let the package fool you... inside this container I can carry 8 hard boiled eggs, which is enough for breakfasts for a three day hike.  I like this empty container because it is super light and the tall and narrow shape makes it very packable.
Have a great paleo trail recipe to share? Email the Caveman and maybe he'll tell everyone... just watch where you step.
Prada's Sample Paleo Hiking Food Sack: 

Tuna, salmon, and chicken in foil packets (look for ones packed in olive oil with no added "junk" like soy or broths)
Homemade dehydrated beef crumbles (excited about this one)
Homemade beef jerky
Boiled eggs (should last two to three days in cooler temps)
Boars Head Turkey Peperroni
Steve'e Paleo Kits (see photo to left)

Nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds are favorites)
Almond Butter
Avocado (see above pic with suggested way to carry)
Olive oil and Grass Fed Butter

Dried fruit
Carrot sticks, Bag of pre-sliced red, yellow, and green bell peppers
Coconut Flour Tortillas (see recipe link below)

4.BACON (CrossFitters believe it has its own category)
Pre-cooked Boar’s Head brand (actually keeps for weeks on the trail)

New Recipes:

​Coconut Flour Tortillas: A staple for me on any hike! Make your own! Click here!

Prada's Paleo Trail Pizza Perfection: Everyone will want to steal this from you! 

AMRAP Nutrition, for Crossfit Athletes on the Paleo diet!
Our Favorite new "on trail" snack! Check it out!